nedelja, 25. januar 2015

A walk in the forest.

I enjoy a walk in a green, beautiful and an old forest. But somethimes it can get quite boring, so me my brother and my cousin go on long and tiring walks with combat weapons and medieval style clothes.
The forest we walk in is old and dark, on some occasions I could feel a dark presence all around us. So it is for that reason we bear arms in the cursed forest. We start our travels on green fields and walk uphill to the edge of the forest. There we check our gear to see if everything is in order and continue our journey to a valley I named Elven waters. There we walk quietly for we fear something might come at us and end our peaceful journey. We often see deer there and hear strange noises and twigs breaking all around us. But we always find our courage and continue with our heads held high prepeared for whatever is to come. Through the forest we continue to higher ground with speed and caution. Somethimes we get lucky and see an owl flying majestically through the air in search for another shelter. When we get high enough to hear the cars driving on the road we turn west and continue walking to the edge of the forest.
There we take a short break and continue downhill along the edge of the forest. We walk to the same place we entered the forest and head home to rest and share our experience when walking in the forest. We then lay our weapons and shields to rest and relax for a lot of challenges are coming our way.
 On the picture above you can see me holding a sword I proudly made and next to me my brother holding his trusted walking stick.

And on this picture you can again see me and my brother deep in the dark forest. I am holding a shield which is quite small for my size but don't worry I made a new one even stronger and bigger than this one.

All the pictures were taken by my cousin.

I wish you luck and courage on your journey, wherever it may lead.

sobota, 24. januar 2015

Some more of my work.

The pictures below will show you the progress of making a long-knife for my cousin.

The blade is hand forged from an old rasp my cousin bought for 3€ on a flea market. The steel rusts if I do not take good care of it, but the steel itself is very good. The edges are ground with a belt grinder and an angle grinder with a 40 sandpaper.

 In this picture you can see the handle compared to the blade. The handle is made from a hard wood which is difficult to work with. The tang of the blade will be inserted in a hole I drilled in the handle.

 I then also made a cross-guard from a plate of rustproof steel I had lying around my workshop. I bent it by hand I a vice which was very hard to do since the steel was very hard. I then drilled a 7mm hole in the center of where I marked it. When I drilled the first hole I started drilling the other one when a disaster happened. The drill bit wandered off and made it's way in the previous hole, this caused the drill bit to break and launched the cross-guard flying in one direction and the drill bit in the other.
I was lucky for the drill bit missed me by about 10cm. I then decided to file the hole to the correct size so I would avoid any other accidents.
 And in this two picture you can see how the long-knife looks assembled. It still needs a lot of work and care for it to truly become a long-knife.

petek, 23. januar 2015

Hello there.

Hello there, this is my very first blog showing many different things.
This blog will follow my journey trough the making of many different items such as: swords, knives, daggers, bows, pipes, wood carvings and other metal or wood related items.
I plan to show you my progress of becoming a Master blacksmith and a wood worker trough my work.
Here on my first post I will show you some of my finished projects and some of my unfinished ones.

The first picture here shows an unfinished sword. The sword is inspired by
the Scottish claymore, it is two handed and weights about 3.1kg. As I said
it is unfinished and I am constantly working on improving it on the weight and looks.

The second picture shows some of my very first knives and an axe made from a hammer
head. I will not talk about the knives now and will save the details for another time.

Thank you whoever you are for taking a look at my blog. I am still learning and will improve greatly to become a master blacksmith.