sobota, 24. januar 2015

Some more of my work.

The pictures below will show you the progress of making a long-knife for my cousin.

The blade is hand forged from an old rasp my cousin bought for 3€ on a flea market. The steel rusts if I do not take good care of it, but the steel itself is very good. The edges are ground with a belt grinder and an angle grinder with a 40 sandpaper.

 In this picture you can see the handle compared to the blade. The handle is made from a hard wood which is difficult to work with. The tang of the blade will be inserted in a hole I drilled in the handle.

 I then also made a cross-guard from a plate of rustproof steel I had lying around my workshop. I bent it by hand I a vice which was very hard to do since the steel was very hard. I then drilled a 7mm hole in the center of where I marked it. When I drilled the first hole I started drilling the other one when a disaster happened. The drill bit wandered off and made it's way in the previous hole, this caused the drill bit to break and launched the cross-guard flying in one direction and the drill bit in the other.
I was lucky for the drill bit missed me by about 10cm. I then decided to file the hole to the correct size so I would avoid any other accidents.
 And in this two picture you can see how the long-knife looks assembled. It still needs a lot of work and care for it to truly become a long-knife.

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