petek, 23. januar 2015

Hello there.

Hello there, this is my very first blog showing many different things.
This blog will follow my journey trough the making of many different items such as: swords, knives, daggers, bows, pipes, wood carvings and other metal or wood related items.
I plan to show you my progress of becoming a Master blacksmith and a wood worker trough my work.
Here on my first post I will show you some of my finished projects and some of my unfinished ones.

The first picture here shows an unfinished sword. The sword is inspired by
the Scottish claymore, it is two handed and weights about 3.1kg. As I said
it is unfinished and I am constantly working on improving it on the weight and looks.

The second picture shows some of my very first knives and an axe made from a hammer
head. I will not talk about the knives now and will save the details for another time.

Thank you whoever you are for taking a look at my blog. I am still learning and will improve greatly to become a master blacksmith.

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