četrtek, 12. februar 2015

More little things

Hello again. I haven't posted for some time so in this post I will show you some pictures of some things I have made...

Here you see another picture of me and my brother in the forest. The last couple of times we went to the forest it seemed brighter and nicer than usual. It was beautiful, peaceful and the sun was shining. The darkness was completely gone tree spirits were sorounding us and blessing us on our journey.
It was a nice day.

 And on this picture you can see a dagger I forged from some scrap steel. The hand guard is aluminum, which was hand filed to shape and then polished. The handle is made from one pice of wallnut which was also hand filed to shape.

And in this last picture you can see the long process of making chainmail rings for a chainmail shirt I am making.

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